Titan Injection was founded in April 2005 by Gordon Wilson, Dale Henning, Ricardo Valle, Jaime Torres and Rafael Valle with over 75 years combined in the meat processing industry. All five partners worked with a major U.S. manufacturer of similar equipment that sold the operation to new ownership. With a common passion for quality service and dependable parts, the five principals started T.I.P.S.; bringing their vast experience expertise and industry contacts established over the years.

Titan Injection initially supplied replacement parts, needles and field service. Within a very short time, our customers, tired of the industry standard high pricing with outdated technology, implored us to start designing and the first Titan T-138 Injector was born. After exhibiting at The International Poultry Show in Atlanta GA, January 2007, the interest was enormous and the word started to spread quickly.

Today, our product applications include bone-in and boneless hams, whole turkeys, roast and corned beef, bacon, poultry and fish. Most recent developments at Titan include the upgraded T-220 Injector, first introduced in 2008, and the T-340; all with conveyor belt product advance for high speed poultry and meat processing.  We have also expanded, taking on Mixing and Chilling systems to complement our injection line.

We make it our mission to give customers the best prices and services. From our start of manufacturing needles and selling replacement parts to expanding into designing and building systems; Titan Injection has evolved into a sophisticated manufacturing, sales, service and support network. For us, our customers are our MVP (Most Valuable Processors) and we continue bringing our quality service and dependable parts philosophy to each and every one.


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