Titan 434


  • Modular Brine Manifold for an easy changeover of needle blocks for sanitation or different product.
  • A powerful 10HP Parker Hydraulic power unit consistently controls the speed of the needle head.
  • The pump system features a dependable Tri-Clover, rated, at 120 GPM.
  • The Dual Pumping Valve System allows for injection on the down and up stroke and improves productivity and assures consistency.
  • A five stage filter system includes an air operated auto-clean rotary filter drum, 2 incline SS mesh screens and a dual in-line filter for un-interrupted production.
  • The Titan Series features an extra wide 34” product bed, which is more compatible with most conveyors for double wide through put.
  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA.

 Model T-434SW

  • Production: 22 to 24 Bellies per minute, 10 to 25% yield
  • Recommended Product: bacon/pork, poultry, fish, and beef
  • Dimensions: L: 118.5”/ W: 82.48”/ H: 84.75”
  • 4” Maximum Stroke

Dimensions T-434S

Dimensions T-434B

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