• Designed to flush needles using our Sectional Needle Block System

• Standalone unit assists in the back flushing of sectional needle blocks from our Titan Injector Model “S” Series

• Blocks can easily be removed from the injector and inserted into the cabinet to back flush sections of the manifold.

• Flushes 42 needles at a time.






Products_480x4182• A powerful 10 hp parker hydraulic system consistently controls the speed of the needle head during injection• Sectional brine manifold for a fast change of needles

• The pump system features two dependable brine pumps, rated at 120 gpm, and a stainless steel impeller to minimize the drop in pressure during injection

• The dual pumping valve system improves productivity and assures consistent pick-up

• The Titan 500 series injector utilizes an 800 series molded acetyl conveyor belt

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